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Propaganda is everywhere. IWR is a space for propaganda to believe in. We produce, curate, and publish New Era American symbols. These symbols are ways to navigate American history and the modern-day animus of its people while holding their complexities. Reconciling the histories of freedom, equality, and justice, and the tension that living these values in a modern world can hold. IWR is a channel for listening and expressing the messy truths of a pluralistic America. But most importantly listening.

Our hope is to learn, alongside our audience, to investigate the complexity of American history and reality, it's successes and sins, while keeping faith in the higher values, ambitions, and the experience of surviving our disagreements together. We will create a new shared American experience. We do this while acknowledging the symbols that have come before us and with reverence for what will come next.

New Era American Symbols

We are going to identify people with unique perspectives that create media, provide them with the resources and tools they need for production, provide a platform for that media, and work on their behalf to invite audiences in to listen to what’s being expressed. We are fully invested in the full life-cycle of creation, publishing, and community building. This is the process of creating New Era American Symbols.

What is the process? IWR invests resources towards the creation of New Era American Symbols. We provide a platform to publish those symbols. We create a space for listening. And we will build tools and methodologies to support creators in their process. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Currently, we are focused on an initial release of IWR issued New Era American Symbols. The purchase of these Symbols will serve as a token of support for a messy and pluralistic American future and a financial investment in IWR. We will share more details about this when we have them.

Keep seeking, keep listening.