Can Believe In

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Propaganda is everywhere. IWR produces propaganda you can believe in. IWR explores the North Star ideals of freedom, equality, and justice at the vanguard of what and where it means to be an American. IWR stands for listening, embracing, and expressing the messy truths, painful pasts, and potential futures of a pluralistic America. But most importantly listening.


We identify and support New Era Americans who are making and remaking not just American Dreams, but American realities through new artistic, civic, cultural, and economic projects. We do this by listening to their needs, providing channels for attention and investment, and work on their behalf to make their lifestyle and life’s work visible. We are fully invested in the complete life-cycle of creation, publishing, and community building. Currently, we are taking inventory of New Era Americans out there in an interview series. If you believe you are a New Era American, please email or text us.

The IWR studio develops projects internally, while producing and investing in aligned external projects showing new American lifestyles and future pathways. We provide channels to publish and we create space for listening. We are exploring tools and methodologies to support creators in their process. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Keep seeking, keep listening.