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Rev. Dr. Love Holt


The New Era Americans project inventories people who are rethinking and remaking the aesthetic and experience of the American Dream.


Carlos and Rafa Robles

Innovation Studio Founders

Dec 13, 2023 (Chicago, Illinois)

Brian Wingbermuehle


Dec 06, 2023 (St. Louis, Missouri)

Candy Fuegen

Entrepreneur in Fashion, Fitness, and Beauty

Jul 26, 2023 (Muscatine, Iowa)

Kim Schnaubert

Artist, Founder of Permian

Jul 11, 2023 (West Texas)

Luis Guillermo Garcia


(Cocoa Beach, Florida)

Emmy Pickett

World Builder

May 29, 2023 (Somewhere in California or Montana)

Char Miller-King

Woodworker and Entrepreneur

May 29, 2023 (Atlanta, Georgia)

Liz Coufal

Growth & Impact in an AI Startup and Civic Entrepreneur

May 29, 2023 (Austin, Texas)

Lori White

User Experience Copywriter and Content Designer

(St. Louis, Missouri)

David Noel

Teacher, Artist

May 29, 2023 (Huntington, West Virginia)

Rev. Dr. Love Holt

Reproductive Justice Advocate

Dec 07, 2023 (St. Louis, Missouri)

Gabriel Jason Dean


Aug 10, 2023 (Allentown, Pennsylvania)

Cynthia Main

Craftsperson and Business Owner

Jul 19, 2023 (Berea, Kentucky)

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